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Dr. Melissa Ochotsky, Dr. Ochotsky

Dr. Melissa Ochotsky, DVM - Owner

Melissa graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. 
She has a managerie of dogs and cats, as well as 1 horse with whom she participates in show jumping competitions. 
Melissa enjoys keeping very busy with a multitude of extracurricular activites, which include hiking, running, yoga and gardening. 

Fun Facts:

  • Has never taken a sick day in the history of Westwood Heights' existence.
  • Participated in the 2014 24-Hour Death Race and finished 1st in her category.

Miranda, Office Manager; VOA

Miranda started at Westwood Heights in November 2016 after graduating from the Douglas College VOA Program. She has always had hamsters and a lizard as pets, but is currently petless. She does spend a lot of time with her "nephew" dog Emmet and enjoys many extracurricular activities with him. Adopting a pet in need from here is pretty much a rite of passage for everyone who works/has worked here so... all in good time. ;)
Miranda works full time here, and when she's not hanging out with Emmet she enjoys hiking.

Fun Facts:

  • Is the 2nd youngest sibling of 7!
  • Has a total of 18 piercings!
  • Hobbies include:
    • Looking at makeup
    • Buying makeup
    • Applying makeup
Natalie Giles

Natalie, RVT

Natalie is Westwood's beloved tech extraordinaire.
She started out at Westwood as a volunteer when she was in grade 12. When she graduated from the Douglas College Veterinary Technology program in 2011, we were in need of a tech and she was at the top of our list. We gave her a call and the rest is history. <3

Natalie has 3 dogs and 2 cats; Half brother poms Henry & Carlton, a pitty named Brixton, a Ragdoll named Molly and a special little guy named Mr. Magoo (See Nat's "Fun Facts" box on the right!).


Fun Facts:

  • Is guaranteed to one day be a "crazy cat lady"
  • Is the mother to local internet sensation Mr. Magoo The Cat

Robin, VOA

Robin's family has been bringing their pets here for years. When she graduated, Robin applied to be a volunteer at Westwood to get some experience as she was starting university to one day apply to vet school. After about a year of being such a great volunteer, in 2015 we decided she deserved to be on the payroll. She works here part time while also attending university, and in the little spare time she has she plays and coaches field hockey.
Robin has 2 dogs, a Retriever named Molly and a Pomeranian mix named Raja. 

Fun Facts:

  • Loves to ski.
  • Loves to garden.
  • Loves to knit.
  • Is an old lady, deep down.

Drew, VOA

Drew has been working at Westwood since she was born. She started out raising litters of kittens and, as stated in her "Fun Facts" box, she is still doing that to this day.
She has several pets including 1 horse with whom she participates in competitive show jumping.
When she is not at work, university, or training at the barn, Drew can be found doing anything that involves being ridiculously fit.


Fun Facts:

  • Is Dr. Ochotsky's daughter!
  • Is also an avid & accomplished equestrian, participating in and winning ribbons in countless competitions since childhood.
  • Is very involved with the Langley Animal Protection Society and has raised many litters of orphaned kittens for the shelter.